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  • Couples

  • Families

  • Children, Adolescents and young adults 

  • Families and couples with children with learning differences 

Welcome to this space. 

I am a couples and family therapist specializing in families dealing with children with ADHD and executive functioning or behavioral issues. 


Selecting a therapist that you align with is one of the first steps in your healing journey. In my therapy sessions, I provide a safe and judgement free space to explore all elements of your experience. I provide support and compassion for any life challenges that you bring to therapy. I operate with the foundation of a psychodynamic approach. We will look for engrained patterns that influence your current functioning in order to better understand and change your system. I have training in various modalities and can alter my approach based on your specific needs and goals. I believe in the concept of bio- individuality; every individual, couple and family leads a different and unique life and requires a different approach in the therapy room. Therapy with me will be a collaborative partnership in which you will be empowered with tools to better communicate and function with your partner and family. Every one of my clients has what they need within themselves; I will act as a support for you to tune into your own mind and body. I will help you discover and live as your most authentic self.


Please reach out to schedule a free consultation call. 


Couples come to relationship counseling for a wide variety of reasons! You might get stuck in new renditions of the same arguments, have grown disconnected through time together due to various life stressors, others may need support in re building trust and commitment. Together we will identify maladaptive patterns in the relationship and create an open line of respectful communication and honesty for you to utilize in your relationship. 


I am a Gottman Method trained therapist and utilize this approach as a foundation in approaching and working with my couples counseling clients. 

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Although I work with individuals at all stages of life, I am passionate about working with children and adolescents. I specialize in working with kids with ADHD and other executive function related issues. Whether you are struggling in your current environment [education and family], need additional supports or tools, are looking for some sort of change, or just need a place to feel heard and understood, I believe I can help. I prioritize creating a safe and trusting relationship between myself and the individual to create a foundation for therapy for which therapeutic work can be done.  

Children and Teens Counseling 

Parenting Consultation

Parenting is hard and families can be complicated! Every child presents with a unique set of needs that can sometimes be impossible to understand. I will support you in understanding your child's needs and guide you in meeting them. I specialize in working with families dealing with behavioral issues, ADHD, and other learning related disordersTogether, we will create a plan and tool set to support your child and family which will enable you to function at your highest ability. 

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Individual Counseling


Trauma Processing 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing 

EMDR is a therapeutic methodology used to alleviate stress related to unresolved traumatic memories. Read more here

- Are you trigged in your relationship or family by past unresolved traumas? 

- Are you attached to negative beliefs about yourself and partner that inhibit your ability to be in your relationship as you would like to? 

Are you impacted by physiological arousal or anger that deterorates your communication in relationship? 



The Gottman Institute 

Clinical Training for Couples therapy: Assessment technique and intervention 


EMDR Training 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Approach for Trauma processing. 


Brain Health Professional Certification

50 CE course. Training in ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, memory issues, mood disorders, brain trauma, sleep disorders, weight issues, and so much more

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