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Managing with ADHD can be challenging, there are many reasons a coach could be helpful:
  • Do you need support in prioritizing your day to day life? Do you struggle with having multiple projects or tasks going on at work and having no idea where to start?

  • Are you easily distracted by random tasks and ideas? Does this result in various unfinished projects

  • Do you put your basic needs, desires and hobbies on the back burner in order to complete your work? 

  • Do you spend an immense amount of time completing work (school or jobs related tasks) compared to that of your peers? 

  • Are you always late to important events, meetings or appointments? 

  • Do you struggle to initiate tasks that feel huge and daunting? Does this lead to endless procrastination and late work filled night? 

  • Do you questions whether you feels things more intensely or deeply than those around 

  • Do you tend to forget things when they are not tied to a high sense of urgency? 

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As a coach, I support my ADHD clients in prioritizing their endless to do lists, creating realistic and tangible goals for daily and weekly completion, and creating systems or routines to support them in everyday life.

Denver, Colorado

Bee Well Counseling PLLC.

Tel: 415-320-1070

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You will be empowered.

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