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Family Counseling

Parenting and family dynamics can be the most rewarding and challenging job that we do in our lifetime. 


I specialize in working with families dealing with behavioral issues, ADHD, and other learning related disorders. I also work with families to enhance communication and create reciprocal understanding between all parties

Young Family with Pet Dog

Every family is unique and may come to me for a wide variety of reasons: 


  • Are you pulling your hair out in frustration because you feel ill equipped in supporting your children

  • Are you hopeless and ready to give up because the fighting and bickering throughout the family feels endless? 

  • Do your children have learning or behavioral differences that you and your partner need support in understanding and better supporting? Do they have an IEP that you find impossible to decipher? 

  • Do you stay up at night with concern and worry for your child's well being? Do you feel completely disconnected from your child

  • Do you need support in meeting your child's ever changing needs? 


You will each share your current struggles, your concerns and your reasons for coming to this space.

Together we will create goals and priorities for how to utilize our time in therapy as well as create a vision for where you would like to be
You will gain tools and techniques to better communicate as a family and create understanding around each of your needs.
4. SPACE. 
As your therapist I will provide your space in my therapy room to have more complex discussions and practice different ways of communicating. 
You will get to a place where you have acheived the vision that you and your family had created at the onset of therapy



Every child presents with a unique set of needs that can be impossible to understand. I will support you in understanding your child's needs.
You will each have your voice and perspective heard and understood by each member of the family.   

Interrupt patterns and ways of communicating within the family that are no longer supporting you or your child.
Together we will build new patterns, tools and ways of communicating that better support each family member.  

You will develop on and practice new and adaptive tools and communication skills as a family

As a family you will grow together with the creation of new and adaptive tools for communication, mutual understanding and respect. 

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