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Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

I love working with children, adolescents and young adults!


 I specialize in working with ADHD, learning differences, and behavioral concerns.


Whether you are struggling in your current environment [education and family], need additional supports or tools, are looking for some sort of change, or just need a place to feel heard and understood, I believe I can help. I prioritize creating a safe and trusting relationship between myself and you to create a foundation for therapy.  

Happy group of friends

There are many reasons to work with a therapist as a child or young adult: 

  • Do you feel like school is endlessly challenging and the assignments or homework are nonstop? 

  • Does it feel impossible to sit in a hour long class listening to an instructor lecture and fit into traditional expectations

  • Do you feel like your parents will never understand you? Does it feel like they're working against you? Do you feel constantly let down by them? 

  • Does it feel like you can never do anything right? at home? in school? with friends?

  • Are you struggling where you fit in this world? 

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by everything going on around you? 


You will each share your current state, your concerns and your reasons for coming to this space.

Together we will create goals and priorities for how to utilize our time in therapy as well as create a vision for where you would like to be
You will build acceptance, understanding and respect for this space. You will be empowered with new adaptive tools, techniques and skills to utilize in daily life. You will change deeply engrained thought patterns that are no longer serving you.
4. SPACE. 
As your therapist I will provide you 
non-judgmental space to develop new skills, engrain in new thought patterns and grow as a human. 
You will get to a place where you have achieved the vision that you created at the onset of therapy



Together we will gain an understanding of your current state and challenges.
Interrupt tendencies, thought patterns and behaviors that are no longer serving you.  
Develop skills, new patterns of thinking, and ways of communication that better serve you. 

Empowerment with tools and strategies to support you as the unique individual that you are. 

Engaging with yourself, your true joys and your passions to live the life you want. 

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